Welcome to Stitch Club

At Stitch Club, we’re passionate about providing well-designed sewing projects which appeal to older children, from around the age of 9, and adults looking for a fun introduction to the world of sewing.

You won’t find stiff felt with pre-punched holes, plastic sewing needles or scant instructions here. What you will find are high-quality materials which are a joy to sew with, and an experience which will inspire a continued love of sewing. Our colourful guide books are packed with detailed step-by-step instructions, an abundance of illustrations, and useful sewing tips.

Each Stitch Club sewing kit is more than just a sewing project: it's a private sewing class filled with new skills designed to challenge and inspire. 

Turn off the screens, find a quiet corner, and learn to sew together with Stitch Club.

Stitch Club instruction guides really stand out! Our four larger kits each contain one of these bumper sewing guides. Your hand will be held every step of the way! On average they have around 40 pages, and are packed full of colourful photographs and clear illustrations, to make sure you really get the picture! You'll find an abundance of information on sewing techniques and plenty of tips to help develop real sewing skills which will last a lifetime.
Each kit is designed to be as user friendly as possible. We don't want to you open it up and find you can't get started because you don't have pins! We can't include a sewing machine or a pair of scissors (although you can add scissors to your order!) but we've got everything else covered. Kit contents are well packaged too, and all of our packaging is either recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable.