Marshmallow sewing kit

Type: Sewing kits

This fun and squishy 'kawaii' marshmallow was designed by a thirteen year old Stitch Club student! What better way to ensure you have an adorable sewing kit that children will enjoy sewing. We think this kit is suitable for children from the age of 9+, with adult guidance to help them learn their stitches. All you need to get started with this adorable marshmallow is a pair of scissors. Everything else is included and it's hand sewing all the way! The perfect take-away kit for a holiday, or just some relaxed sewing time at home. The brown 'chocolate sauce' felt is die-cut, but the pink needs cutting using the included pattern. This offers a great balance for young sewers: not overwhelming them with tricking cutting, but also offering a chance to practise their scissor skills.


The finished marshmallow is around 9cms, cubed!

Included in the kit:

Chocolate die-cut felt shape

Pink felt

An embroidery needle for felt sewing

A smaller embroidery needle for sewing beads

A pair of toy eyes

3 shades of stranded embroidery thread

A bag of sprinkle beads

A bag of pins


A paper pattern

A colourful fold-out sewing guide

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sam cox
Delightful product

Beautifully designed and arranged sewing set made with high quality products. Perfect for my 11 year daughter who is new to sewing. Would make a prefect gift.