Cactus pin cushion sewing kit

Type: Sewing kits

This cactus is a great little hand sewing project for anyone from the age of 9 (bear in mind that children will always need guidance learning their new skills). The felt is pre-cut for you so get ready to spend a few mindful hours embroidering, stitching and stuffing. We use ours as a pin cushion, but equally these make attractive little decorations. Almost everything you need is in the box, including pins to use and store in your finished cactus if you like! We haven't included glue to assemble the flower, but any liquid glue like super-glue or textile glue will work.

Included in this kit (makes one cactus):

2 die-cut felt cactus shapes

1 die-cut spiral felt flower shape to roll up and glue 

2 colours of stranded embroidery thread

A sewing needle

A little packet of pins


A colourful fold-out instruction guide

Finished size of cactus: 16 x 11 cms