The Stitch Club Story

Hi there! I'm Jenny, and I run all aspects of Stitch Club myself, so thanks for taking an interest and landing on this page. Read on to hear how I got here, and why I started Stitch Club...

Having started teaching my daughter to sew from the age of 7, I launched Stitch Club in 2015 when her friends also showed an interest in learning to sew. They were all around 9 years old and full of enthusiasm and excitement to learn these new skills.

I began teaching them at 'Stitch Club' once a week and the classes became so popular that we've always had a full waiting list, with kids signing up a year in advance! 

For my young students I've always aimed to create fun and diverse projects, often based on feedback and requests from the students themselves. I learned what kind of motifs they loved, and soon figured out just how capable and focused children can be, with the right guidance. Every project we've ever sewn has been of my own design, and I've had so much pleasure creating these over the years. It's not unusual for me to spend hours designing a bespoke cross stitch pattern for each student, based on their requests!

For my 'real life' students I've designed numerous projects covering a varied range of sewing skills such as applique, cross-stitch, free-motion embroidery and quilting. We've made everything from hot water bottles, cushions and hats, to kawaii felt toys, pencil cases and pin cushions. Bringing some of my favourite designs to a wider audience has been a goal of mine for quite some time. I'm excited to finally realise this plan! I hope you and your children will enjoy the first release of kits, while I work away in my cosy studio on the next ones.

My aim is to create sewing kits with high quality materials, and instructions so detailed that any adult, even having no sewing experience, can teach their children to sew. I have poured so much love and care into designing these products and I really hope you and your children will enjoy the Stitch Club experience.