About Stitch Club

Stitch Club started life as a real life kids sewing club, which I ran at my children's primary school in West Sussex. I began teaching my daughter to sew at the age of seven, and when she was about nine years old, some of her friends wanted to learn too. I set up Stitch Club as a bit of after school fun for a small group of children. It was a great success, and the waiting list was always full. I was proud of the fact that nobody ever left Stitch Club until they were forced to because they moved on to secondary school!

I have a great love for the kid's Hedgehog Sewing Kit because it's based on the first project I ever sewed with my daughter and her friends.
When Covid showed up in March 2020 I was forced to stop running Stitch Club at school, so I launched into creating kits based on some of the projects I'd sewn with the children. It was great to feel confident that kids would enjoy these, knowing how rewarding my students had found them. 

These are the kits that you'll find in the shop today in the core Skill Builders collection, but since then I've created a few new designs, notably my character range for children as young as eight years old. The Ninja has been far and away the most popular, but all of them are cute, and easy for kids to stitch, with a little guidance and help with preparation.

I've also created my beloved Shelfie range! These are aimed at adults and older children (age 14+). They include everything you'll need to cut and sew these lovely animals.

Thanks for reading; feel free to email me with any questions about the Stitch Club range. Stitch Club is a small business, which I run entirely myself and I love to talk sewing! Write to me at: hello@stitchclub.co


Jenny Gale, founder of Stitch Club Uk