The Sleepyhead Cloud sewing kit: a lavender scented rice bag warmer

Type: Sewing kits

The Sleepyhead Cloud sewing kit is positively dreamy! This is your opportunity to sew a kawaii fleecy cloud, filled with rice and lavender. It's designed to be warmed in your microwave to provide a calming, scented snuggle

This kit includes everything you need to create the cloud, apart from rice, so don't forget to add it to your grocery shopping! The project is a lovely balance of gentle hand sewing, including beginner embroidery techniques and hand 'tacking', which is an important method for any sewist to learn.

After completing the embroidery on the printed fleece panel, the kit is sewn together on your sewing machine. You will use the calico included to create a lining pouch - this offers a great way to practise your machine skills before sewing the fleece layers together. The inner pouch also provides a practical and secure enclosure for the rice and lavender.

Our in-depth, full colour, 30 page guidebook will walk you through every step, so even if you've never sewn before, you'll feel confident in trying out new skills. You'll finish with a wonderful handmade item and a great sense of achievement!

This kit is suitable for anyone from age 9+ (children will need adult guidance). The photo of a pile of Sleepyhead Clouds shows work in progress by a group of 11 year old Stitch Club students - they loved this project and did a fantastic job! 

Finished size of cloud: 28 x 18 cms

Included in this kit:

A printed fleece panel

A plain white fleece backing panel

White felt interlining, which adds insulation and support to the cloud

Lightweight calico lining fabric

A spool of Gutermann sewing machine thread

A pinch of pins (i.e. enough for your project!)

A hand sewing needle

Embroidery threads

Dried lavender

A printed pattern for cutting the lining

A fabulously detailed instruction guide

Please note that rice is not included. You will need 500g of rice to complete the project.

This kit requires the use of a sewing machine. You will also need a sharp pair of scissors. If you're new to sewing you will benefit from having fabric scraps to hand (an old piece of clothing or bedding is perfect) in order to practise with your machine.