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Free mask sewing tutorial - how to sew a comfortable 3D face mask

Free mask sewing tutorial - how to sew a comfortable 3D face mask

I think we can all agree that face masks are here to stay for a while. When I first walked into a shop wearing a mask I found it really hard going, as I like to chat! Some handmade masks are just too snug for me to chit-chat comfortably though - I soon steam up under there and feel like I'm about to get a mouthful of mask next time I say something!

flat lay on pink background showing handmade masks and sewing tools

So, I was really excited when I came across the idea of '3D' masks, which were popping up on my Instagram feed during the summer. I won't even try to take any credit for the original idea for this style of mask, but I have tweaked the style for ease of sewing, and maximum comfort. In case you haven't seen one like this before, the reason they're referred to as 3D is because the have an extension on either edge - one pops over your nose, and the other under your chin.

Because of these, I feel particularly safe when wearing one, and the bonus is that it somehow gives more room for your mouth! So now when I wear one out shopping, nothing stops me chatting!

The end result is a comfortable mask which I've found fits my whole family. The finished mask has two layers of fabric, but if you want three you can add a layer of woven interfacing, or just cut one extra mask piece and double up the first layer.

I've digitised the pattern, and made a huge amount of super clear illustrations so this should be a pretty easy tutorial. I find the simplest format for projects like this is actually a PDF downloadable file. You can print it out and sew at your leisure, or just print out the pattern page and view the sewing guide on your tablet or phone.

If you follow my instagram you can check out my mask-sewing highlight to see me making a mask at warp speed!

So, here is it: The Stitch Club 3D Mask Pattern and Tutorial

Free mask sewing pattern download

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