Girl sewing on a sewing machine

How to teach your kids to sew

Stitch Club is all about getting children into sewing, and I have plenty of experience with this. You can read the back-story on the About page, but in a nutshell, I've spent years teaching children to sew with fun and appealing projects which I've designed myself, and this is what inspired me to produce sewing kits. I hope I can help parents who are at a loss as to where to begin, help guide their children, and maybe even catch the sewing bug themselves.

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A handmade fabric Christmas tree sits on a pink background. The festive fabric features popcorn and candy canes strung on the tree.

Christmas sewing project: Sew a squishy 3D Christmas tree

This tree is a fun Christmas sewing project which we've sewn with both adults and children. The original version was the plain green fleece one, which we made with our young students at Stitch Club several years ago. They had so much fun with this as they got to sew little sparkly sequins and bells on at the end. It was a real hit!

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sewing materials and a cross stitch embroidery

How to make a banner frame for your embroidery

So here we go, how to make a 'window' type mount for your embroidery. This doesn't have to be a banner shape - if you want to keep it simple, just work with a square/rectangular border. I'll give measurements for the banner, but you can adapt this however you like.

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Young girl using a sewing machine

Buying a first sewing machine

This week, I'm talking about buying your first sewing machine. This may be for a child, but it may be for you as a new or returning sewer - the good news is, you don't need a separate machine for your child. I'll cover the basics of what to look for in a child-friendly machine, before delving just a little deeper into what else is out there.

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